Stuck between a rock and a hard place? Not sure whether you should or shouldn't? Let Yesnoify lift the weight of decision making off your shoulders.

How Coin-flips Can Help You Make Better Decisions

Although coin-flip-decision-making might seem irresponsible, there are many real reasons why it can make you more efficient, and actually improve your ability to make tough decisions.

sometimes any decision is better than no decision

After you’ve weighed the information around a tough decision for too long, your thinking starts to become less productive. You eventually reach a stand-still, and deciding seems impossible.

This can hurt when you’re dealing with time-sensitive choices. Consider this common example: Should I vacation this summer in Italy or Japan?

To you, both places have pros and cons, but there’s almost too much information available to help you choose the setting of your dream vacation. You might gather all of the facts, compare the differences, and be stuck, completely unsure which you’d most enjoy.

But the longer you wait to decide, the more expensive plane tickets become, the less time you’ll have to plan the details of your vacation, the less likely you’ll even get time off ($%#!), and the longer your mental agony continues.

When you find yourself in a situation like this, the randomness of a coin-flip can be supremely relieving, if you let it. If you’ve spent too long reviewing the facts, and you still have no firm preference toward either, then you’ve learned something whether you realize it or not — both options are pretty awesome. So regardless of the country you travel to, you’re going to have a freaking blast.

So in a situation like this, let the forces of nature make your decision for you, and rest easy knowing that either decision would be right.

don’t waste your mental energy on small decisions that don’t matter

Burrito or Burrito Bowl? Chocolate or Strawberry Ice Cream? Beach or Hike? You already know you like them both, but which one do you want now?! In these cases, just stop thinking and go do. Stressing about decisions like this is nothing more than a waste of time. Once you’ve chosen, you probably won’t even think about what could have been. And in a couple of days, you probably won’t even remember that you even made a choice.

Worrying about which to choose only wears on your mind and your health just as much as the ice cream you’re deciding between.

if you don’t like your random answer, you’ll learn how you really feel

Sometimes you’ll flip a coin or yesnoify, and upon seeing your answer, feel a sense of disappointment. You’ll think, “Shoot! I wanted the other one….”

The great news is that you can have the other option!

A coin toss isn’t a legally binding contract. It’s nothing more than a decision making tool. So treat it that way. If you don’t like the outcome, you’ve just figured out which option you actually prefer! So go with that one. You may not have realized it until the coin told you what to do, and you thought about your future. But better late than never.

You’ve learned what your heart is telling you; now listen!

So next time you feel anxiety over a decision, stop right there. There’s no need to raise your blood pressure any further. Pull out a coin and flip that puppy…

…and if you’re all out of coins, make your way over to, and let randomness decide for you.